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Brazilians are thought of as very passionate people. So it comes as no surprise that their forms of dance expresses an earthly sensuality. Today, there are many styles of exotic dances that have been incorporated into Professional Latin Ballroom competition. 

Thanks in part to television shows such as the UK’s, “Strictly Come Dancing” and the United States version of the show, “Dancing with the Stars,” exotic dancing is more popular than ever. Brazilians take their exotic dancing very seriously. 

The most recognized dance is the Samba. If you want to hire exotic dancers for your event call rockstar strippers.

Samba is an exotic dance of passion. It involves a man and woman in a theatrical delivery as a romantic couple. The couple’s movement is seductive and sensual, and at times viewers feel that they’re interrupting some intimate moment. 

The dress and style of dance is reflective of the Brazilian heat. Most professional dancers who perform the Samba in competition are scantily clothed. 

This is to emphasis the passionate portrayal of the heat between the man and woman, but it also shows the sensuality of the body movements. The movements are designed to reveal the elegance and grace of the body.

Many historians debate whether or not Brazil is really the home of the Samba. Some credit Salvador and yet others believe that the dance form originated as a form of entertainment with African slaves. 

It is entirely possible that the Samba is an exotic dance that has existed in many different cultures. But the primary influence remains Afro-Caribbean and Black Africans; both are considered cultural ties of the Brazilian people. With the arrival in Latin countries, the Samba became the most exotic dance ever seen.

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Whatever the birthplace, Samba is about precise body movement, perfectly timed in rhythm to music with a Latin beat. One time of the year where every person in Brazil dances the Samba is, Carnival. The exotic dance is performed by featured dancers during parades and every rule is thrown out. During Carnival, Samba is wild, exotic and erotic. The women who danced in the streets have little regard for clothing and the one remaining rule is, to wear as little covering as possible.

Competition Samba is a much cleaner version than the authentic Brazilian version. Because most professional dancers adhere to a code of ethics which involves a departure from the steamier parts of the dance. So that the erotic elements and suggestive movements are toned down when it is performed as a ballroom dance.